Kingdom Come

NAYC is the largest gathering of apostolic students in North America, bringing 40,000+ attendees to cities across the United States. Events of this scale allow for investment in high-quality production.

In 2019, we partnered with the UPCI Youth Ministries team for the 4th consecutive event to create a powerful opener video for their event. Complex storytelling is brought to life in a dynamic 3-minute production.



Large scale animations like this take time. We work diligently on scripting, storyboarding, and early concepts to make sure we nail the initial drafts. Additional concept artwork and samples are a must to stay on target.


Developing hundreds of assets across dozens of scenes takes time to pull off. We perfected drafts and revisions on schedule, delivering before event day.



An audience of 40,000 deserves to be wowed. We pay fanatical attention to every frame; customizing three variations of the opener to be used across multi-resolution stadium screens, with simultaneous playback.