Discipleship Now

How It All Began

In 2018, the UPCI began developing it’s most ambitious video platform to date. The vision was to deliver candid teaching content into the palm of every constituent’s hand.  Users would have unlimited streaming access to Original series, Conference videos, and over 60 years of audio recordings from the UPCI archives.



Originals Videos

Our Involvement

Beginning 2019, we came alongside Discipleship Now’s internal team to provide Video Editing for their Original series, and a powerful 45-second film to launch their platform mid-summer. 

After a successful brand launch, we aided the Discipleship Now team with social media management — producing video posts, images, stories, and landing pages to drive traffic and build brand awareness. Our broad range of skills made us the perfect fit for the platform’s early marketing needs.

Video Editing

We brought our Film and Animation expertise to the table, completing Video Editing on sixteen 4-lesson Originals before launch in 2019 with title animations, audio mastering, branding, and revisions for every lesson.

Bringing all videos through one Creative Agency brought unparalleled cohesion to the brand experience. Ansley Creative continues to provide its professional services to Original series.

Landing Pages

A long-term partnership allowed us to build profiles and audiences within Discipleship Now’s marketing streams.

During special promotions, giveaways, and events, Landing Pages helped funnel users into the streaming platform and build brand loyalty.

Social Media Management

Ansley Creative assisted in the 2019 social media launch of Discipleship Now, entering into a contract soon after for long-term social media management.

We produced content and managed posting for 18 months to establish Discipleship Now as an authority within its space. In 2021, management transitioned to the UPCI’s internal team.