Move The Mission


This was a pivotal moment in the UPCI’s history. After 67 years and $150 million raised under the name of “Sheaves for Christ”, the Youth Ministries needed a powerful video to honour the legacy and take the next step forwards.

We partnered with UPCI Youth Ministries to produce a series of short films for their annual fundraising initiative.


We took a holistic approach to the 2021 campaign, weaving a larger story via three video releases.

Videography, Drone Photo and Video, Video Editing, Sound Design, Marketing Strategy and Consultation, Scriptwriting, Creative Direction.


Teaser Video

Our goal was to speak directly to the name change. The ministry known as Sheaves for Christ was taking on a new name, Move the Mission.

This video would also serve a second function. Our character’s actions are unexplained and sharply contrast the dialogue. This subtlety ties directly to the next major release.

Campaign Launch Video

As the backbone of the campaign, this film needed to tell a compelling story and inspire viewers to rally around the fundraising ministry.

Wrap-up Video

We closed off the story in the final months of the campaign. This third video would highlight the impact of the story—how students everywhere rallied around the Mission.

Internally dubbed the Box Everywhere video, footage was sent in from Youth Ministries across North America and compiled with the Teaser and Campaign Launch videos.