Email can be so boring.

Booking a call gives us the chance to know you a little better and to communicate with more clarity and expression!

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Usually the first call goes a little like this…

“Hey there, I’m Jordan from Ansley Creative. I’m so glad to be meeting you today! To start us off, I’ve got just a few questions…

  1. How did you find out about us?
  2. What does your business do?
  3. Does your business have current goals for online growth?”

From there we’ll shoot the breeze for a bit before I try to convince you that we’re the best business to be partnered up with if you truly want to reach your ambitious goals.

In all honesty, this call is a great opportunity to see if our two companies are the right fit. At the end, there’s no commitment necessary and I’m sure you’ll walk away with at least a few pieces of helpful advice or perspective.

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